Tentative Scientific Program


Day 1

Dr. Puneet Pal Singh Cheema

Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College


Conceptualizing a Sustainable Water Management System for Rural Human Settlements

Prof. Simone Ramires

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul


Analysis of a more sustainable project alternative for the social housing program “Minha casa Minha vida” in Cuiabá – MT

Dr. Mohamed Elamin Ahmed

Alneelain University


A Comparative Study on the Performance of Some White Leghorn Strains under Gezira State Conditions, Sudan

Prof. VASUDEVAN Subramanyan

CSIR-Central Electrochemical Research Institute


The World’s “New Oil” — Hydrogen

Prof. Simone Ramires

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul



Ms. Rafaela Cabral Trizotto

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul


ENACTUS UFRGS: promoting the social entrepreneurship of socially vulnerable communities in Porto Alegre City and Metropolitan Region

Dr. Ranjeeta Soni

Jagannath university


Reduction of fluoride through dietary substances

Dr. Abdirashid Elmi

Kuwait University


Clean and green: Environmental sustainability in the eyes of public opinion

Mr. Gia Tuong Tong

Soongsil University

South Korea

Important factors that affect Vietnamese consumers’ green purchasing behavior

Dr. Rajiv Kumar

Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research


Evaluation of Segregation, Mutilation and Needle-recapping aspects of Biomedical Waste Management in a Tertiary Care Medical Institute of North India

Mr. Jessie Sabijon

Northwest Samar state University, San jorge Campus


Effects of Poultry Litter Char on the Growth and Yield of Corn (zea mays l.) and Properties of Highly Degraded Soil

Mr. Tien Anh Tran

Vietnam Maritime University


EEOI, EEDI – Assessment Index For The Green Shipping Nowadays